Writesonic Review 2023, Is Writesonic Good?

With a severe influx of AI writing tools, it might seem like, if you throw a brick it will land on the best AI writing tool of 2023. This is how most writers feel these days at least as far as the raving reviews online of almost all AI writer software. However, while many tools are available for writers, not all of them are built equally as some tools such as Writesonic are far superior to the competitor AI article writer tools. 

You may be wondering, how is Writesonic taking over the world?  The answer is simple, Writesonic empowers both writers and small business owners to create better content, with much more speed and efficiency, as compared to manually creating the content without suggestions and prompts. That’s not all, Writesonic is free to use for everyone worldwide, as you can get 10,000 premium words in a jiffy by simply signing up for a new Writesonic account.

Writesonic is taking over the world by giving back control to storytellers and businesses with a vision. Writesonic is not taking over your job, it is supplementing your efforts and helping you generate content that is far better than before. 

If this piqued your interest, then continue reading as this power-packed review will give you many facts about why you should use Writesonic to create ad copies and long-form content and how you can get maximum value when you spend on free trials or choose to upgrade to premium Writesonic plans. 

What is Writesonic? 

Writesonic is a GPT-4 programmed platform that uses the best parts of artificial intelligence to create high-quality landing pages, blog posts, product descriptions, Facebook ads, and other sales copies. This AI content tool can go from 0 to 100 in 10 under a minute, which means you get 10x speed, consistent deliveries of free from plagiarism content, and all for no cost with the trial plan. 

This writing tool allows you to take your content writing skills to a whole new level by creating ready-to-use copies that are also SEO optimized on your command. 

Writesonic offers both short-form and long-form tools both of which work in a very simple manner. For most long-form tools, based on your input you will get topic suggestions, once you choose a topic you will get title suggestions. Once you choose a title you will get introduction suggestions. Once you choose an introduction you will get the body of the content, outline, closing, and all the relevant information in a step-by-step manner.

During the entire process, you have the option to tweak the suggestions, go back and choose different topics and be in full control of the entire content. 

What Are The Key Features and Benefits of Using Writesonic As An AI Assistant For Copywriting?

Intuitive and Easy To Use: Writesonic is extremely easy to use with more than 80 inbuilt templates and writing tools, all of which can be learned with minimal effort. 

10x Faster: You can generate up to 1500 words in under 3 minutes with just 4 steps for most of the tools in the dashboard, such as inputting instructions, using prompts, tweaking the content with AI suggestions, and exporting the content. 

Free Trial Plan: You do not need a credit card to start using Writesonic, all you need to do is create a free Writesonic account to start typing away. You can upgrade when you feel the need for more features or added words per month for continued usage of the software program. 

Affordable: Writesonic is cost-effective for students, freelance writers, and small businesses. The plans can be customized as per your needs with annual plans saving you 33% as compared to monthly plans. 

You Are In Complete Control: You are always in the front seat with Writesonic while you generate content, ad copies, articles, and blogs using keywords or create product descriptions for ecommerce sites. 

What Are The Limitations of Using Writesonic AI To Write Content?

No Lifetime Deal: As of now, Writesonic doesn’t offer a lifetime pricing deal on their pro writing tool plans. The longest membership plan is for 1 year which helps you save 33% if you bill once annually. They do have periodical offers such as Easter offers of an extra 20% however, these are time-sensitive plans that can only be purchased for a limited time and on a seasonal basis. 

Who Can Use Writesonic As Their AI Writing Assistant?

Since the applications of using Writesonic are limitless, anyone with a need for both short-form content and long-form content can greatly benefit from this cloud-based software.

Right from students learning how to become content creators, to small business owners with no experience in creating ad copies, this AI tool can benefit all. 

Seasoned writers looking for suggestions on ways to better their content with prompts, suggestions may also notice the immediate perks of investing in this easy-to-use and master ai writing tool. 

Social media marketers that need crisp ad copies, email customer support representatives that need well-formatted emails, and e-commerce website managers that need product descriptions can also benefit from the premium version of Writesonic. 

How To Use Writesonic To Generate High-Quality Content? 

To use Writesonic create a free Writesonic account, you can choose to use these credits, and learn the features of the software with the initial free credits.

Once you upgrade, you will be given access to many additional features and to get these after you upgrade, you have to log in, come to the dashboard, and use one of the options such as Long Form 2.0 editor. 

In the long-form writing editor, you have to use prompts to set a tone, a voice, the subject, the word count, and other targeted goals. You will be asked to help the AI learn your tone by pasting 50 words in the AI prompt, after which the AI auto-populates the rest of the content. 

You can create content, get blog ideas, and even create an entire article in under 3 minutes by using the long-form editor and the other GPT-3 and GPT-4-enabled tools from your dashboard for content creation.

If you are on a basic paid plan then you will get 168 words per generation and you can choose unlimited generations to create the full article. This word count differs between plans and the higher the plan, the more words per generation. 

The best way to learn how to use Writesonic is to play around while researching online tutorial videos on YouTube. Keep in mind that you will have to tweak the content periodically to get high-quality content quickly and on a steady basis.

While the article writer 3.0 and other tools in your dashboard might take away a lot of stress of creating complete copies for you, making sure that you tweak the content is the best way to keep the content relevant for your readers. 

What is The Writesonic Pricing Benefit of Choosing Premium & Annual Writesonic Paid Plans?

The free plan, gives you access for 1 user for 1 month, capped at 10,000 premium words. The free plan isn’t a true GPT 4 plan, as it works on GPT 3, yet it gives you a taste of all the good things to come once you upgrade. 

If you upgrade to the premium plan for short-form content such as ad copies then you pay $10 a month if paid annually or $15 a month if paid on a monthly recurring basis. You do not get access to the majority of the landing page and blog, article writing tools as those come only with the long-form plans of $13 a month and above. 

If you upgrade to the premium plan then you get access to GPT 3.5 which is priced at $13 per month for 15,000 words and 1 user if paid annually, and $19 a month if paid on a monthly recurring basis. The premium plan can be further customized for 5 users and 50,000 words for $33 a month if paid annually, or $49 a month if paid on a monthly recurring basis.

The sky is the limit as you can choose to further increase your usage with Superior and Ultra plans, that work on the true version of GPT-4 for the smoothest experience. While the base paid plans start at a lower denomination of $13 a month for 15,000 words, for 1 user you can choose to add words and users as per your budget.

The maximum threshold is 2,500,000 words a month for 20 users at $1749 a month if paid annually or $2499 a month e further customized for 5 users and 50,000 words for $33 a month if paid annually, or $49 a month if paid on a monthly recurring basis. 

Are There Any Writesonic Offers Other Than A Free Trial Plan?

Writesonic offers free trial plans to new customers, and to enjoy 10,000 words for the first month, all you need to do is create a free account, no credit card information is needed! If you wish to upgrade then Writesonic offers multiple offers throughout the year.

The Easter plan is one such example that offers an additional 20% discount on top of the reduced 33% discount on purchasing an annual plan. As Writesonic gives you multiple plans with an option of customization, the final price you pay will depend on the plan you select and the add-on features you choose. 

What Are The Writesonic Alternatives That Are Worth Knowing About?

Frase. AI – Frase is an AI tool that harnesses the power of Natural Language Programming (NLP) to analyze websites. Companies that choose to use Frase to optimize their website content for search engines get improved content marketing strategies through this software. Some of the many highlights of using Frase include a content brief tool, an SEO tool for optimization, and a content analytics dashboard. To know more about Frase, you can dive into the in-depth Frase AI review

Copy. AI – Copy AI gives you access to a plethora of tools and templates to create unique, customized, plagiarism-free content all in a jiff! Using NLP and Deep learning techniques, Copy AI can create high-quality SEO-friendly copies of long-form content before you can name even half the states in the USA! Whew, that’s quick! To know more about the many perks of using Copy AI, do read the honest Copy AI review we have posted for you. 

Neuronwriter – Neuronwriter is one of the most loved content writing and SEO optimization tools out there, that uses, popular keywords related to the user’s topic or niche to help create better content.  Additionally, content optimization tools help with editing content to make it suitable for search engines while filling in the topical knowledge gap of users through relevant suggestions. To know more about the powerful features of Neuronwriter, you can read the comprehensive Neuronwriter review

Jasper. AI – Jasper AI uses GPT 3 technology to create both short-form and long-form content. This is done through quick chatbot features, as well as full-fledged content writing tools that can be accessed from the Jasper AI dashboard. By setting goals in Jasper AI and using prompts, commands, and tweaking the content through suggestions, you can get lengthy articles in under 3 minutes. To know more about the content creation features of Jasper AI, you can go through the complete Jasper AI review

Conclusion Of This Power-Packed 2023 Writesonic Review: Writers Can Soar To Great Heights With This Long-Form Content Tool

2023 has brought the world many good things such as AI writing tools to make your life a lot easier and less stressful. However, with great choice comes indecision especially since all the tools out there have similar benefits and pricing. In a nutshell, it can be concluded that Writesonic is affordable and ideal for students, freelancers, and small business owners on a tight budget. Writesonic is also perfect for larger enterprises that want true value for their money and do not want to be stopped due to running out of premium words a month.

Writesonic is an easy-to-use software that is also intuitive and learns your patterns of writing when you input a mere 50 words in the prompt box. Finally, it can be said that the Writesonic free plan is ideal to get you on the right path towards better quality content while the paid plans are ideal for both short-form and long-form writing. If you wish to create content 10x faster, then leave your credit card behind, as all you need for now is a free Writesonic account to embark on your journey of crisp and quality content. 

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Writesonic AI Writing Tool FAQ For Creating No Plagiarism and Unique Content 

Is Writesonic Safe To Use?

The software is perfectly safe to use and all the data you input stays private and access is given only to you and your teammates. Yet, do remember a cautionary warning, with great speed comes the tendency to over-rely on AI writing tools. 
AI has changed the way the world operates, it has improved our life significantly with such software, however, it can make people over-reliant due to the many easy-to-use features. A good tip to follow is to remember to fact-check and tweak the content before publishing it. This will help you stay sharp and keep the content relevant to your users. 

How Many Languages Does Writesonic Support?

As of now, 24 languages are supported by Writesonic which include English, French, German, Spanish, Chinese, and many others with more to be added with future updates. 

Does Writesonic Have Customer Support Options For Assistance?

Yes, Writesonic customers are given the option to contact the customer support team that is available 24/7 and this can be done directly from their accounts. Writesonic offers a 2 hours turnaround time for replies to user questions, sales inquiries, and partnership requests. 


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