Frase Review 2023: Is This The Best AI Writer and Researcher For Me?

Critics Say The Best AI Writer Doesn’t Exist As Yet. Think Again As Frase AI Is One of The Top Tools for Writers and Researchers in 2023!

In the last few years, technology has made great strides in the field of content writing. As of 2023, there are many AI writing tools meant specifically to assist content creators and content marketers create quickly generated, usable, and SEO content copies.

While these content tools were initially viewed as a threat to human writers, time and again it has been proven that AI writing tools supplement the efforts put in by human writers to create content. Content optimization tools such as Frase do not replace human writers, as such software programs still need a keen human eye to catch inaccuracies and errors created by AI.  

You may be wondering what makes Frase.IO a worthwhile investment to your business and if AI-Generated Content is any good for your content creation needs. Continue reading to get these answers as well as the pros, benefits, features, cons, limitations, and other must-know facts before you try out the premium Frase content software program. 

How Does Frase Work As A Content Writing Tool? is an AI tool created to help businesses optimize their website content for search engines. This AI writing tool also helps businesses improve their overall content marketing strategy.

Businesses that use Frase get access to a wide range of features, including a content brief tool, an SEO tool for optimization, and a content analytics dashboard. 

Frases uses natural language processing techniques to analyze the content of a website. The NLP techniques are also used to provide recommendations for how to improve the content you input into the platform. 

Who Is Frase Best Suited For, Content Creators or Businesses? 

While content creators can benefit immensely from using Frase, this platform can also be used by start-ups, small businesses, and also larger enterprises for all their content needs. 

Yes, is primarily used by content marketers, SEO professionals, and digital marketing agencies, however, the applications of this AI tool can be used by just any business to streamline their content creation process and also improve their website’s visibility in search engine results pages.

Is Frase IO A Good SEO Long-Form Content Editor? 

Frase offers a wide array of tools that help you generate and optimize long-form content. An example of this would be the Automated Content Brief. This is one of the most used features of Frase, as it gives you the following insights and usable information in less than a few minutes. 

Guidelines: You get access to a general outline also known as an overview of the content sources you have used. These sources have to be used to create the content brief. This guideline gives you the aggregated word count, with information on headers, links, and also images.

People Also Ask – You get access to a comprehensive list of related questions: You get a list of similar and related questions from search engines such as Google. These questions are generated from Frase’s research option through the toolbar and can be used to improve your content and make it more readable by your target audience.

SERP: You get this important data through a summary of the best 20 web page results on the Search Engine Results Page of the source content.

Topics: You get a list of the most asked, and important titles mentioned through the entire list of sources you have chosen.

Topic Clusters: You get a detailed list of the top overarching topics as well as added information about the subtopics through the Score Tab of Frase Topics.

Headers: You get insight into headers used in your top competitors’ content with suggestions on how you can create better headers with an accurate structure for H2 and H3.

Competitor’s Related Questions: You get a list of questions that are often asked by readers for your competition’s content, with suggestions on how to improve the matter.

Statistics: You get empirical data with all the sentences that have mentioned any form of statistics. You also get an in-depth list of factual information across the sources you have chosen.

Hyperlinks: You get a detailed list of all the external links in all of the original sources that you have chosen. 

What Makes Frase AI A Great Tool for Writers? Benefits, Pros, and Features To Note

Frase offers a list of the same benefits to all users of paid plans, which makes it a great tool for content creators and marketers alike.

Benefits of Using Frase Pro Plans

The pro plan benefits include automated content briefs, content scoring, content editor, links to share the created documents, project status settings, team project folders, outline builder, a dashboard of google console, and guided custom templates

Benefits of Using Pro-Add On Plan

In case you have a higher content need with added features, you can choose to opt-in for the pro-add-on at an additional cost of $35 per month. The pro-add-on plan gives you access to Keyword search volume, SERP data enrichment, and the detailed content writer. While the first two features are based on a monthly search volume, you get unlimited access to the content writer. 

Organic Traffic Benefits For Your Website

Organic traffic is always considered to be more beneficial than paid advertisements for businesses looking for long-term SEO advantages. While using paid advertisements has many short-term benefits, such as a higher reach, more followers, and subscribers, it cannot beat the benefits of organic traffic. 

For writers, editors, researchers, proofreaders, and businesses using Frase, this app can get organic traffic to your website through optimized content. You can also use the topic research tool, to ensure that the content you create is relevant and trending, to attract the targeted readers. 

The Overall Benefits of Using Frase:

1) Time-Saving Software – You can generate content 5 times faster once you learn how to use queries to create content. 

2) Accurate Content –  Frase bridges a topical knowledge gap, and gives you automated content that is accurate and can be used with a quick check before publishing. 

3) SEO Copies- Frase offers keyword research tools to optimize your content quickly, and all you need to do is click on the right tools to create SEO content in less than a few minutes. 

What Are The Cons and Limitations of Using Frase.IO?

Fact-Checking – The content that tools like Frase help you create does need a human touch for fact-checking. However, this can be done by anyone who is keen to learn how to use Frase, and you do not need the skills of a professional writer to do this.

Over-Reliance – It is easy to become overly reliant on a software program that does the maximum of the heavy lifting for you. If you choose not to edit the generated content and use it as it is, over a period of time you might notice that the content has a similar tone, and this might seem generic to many readers. 

Pricing – Frase is one of the more expensive AI writing tools online, with factors such as document credits and word count usage per month being potential hindrances to creating large volumes of content per month. A document credit is the number of new documents you can create every month. The word count usage per month allows you to generate a maximum of 4,000 AI words every month. For additional credits, you have to spend an extra amount of $35/month on the Pro-Add-On plan. 

What Are The Frase Pricing Plan Options For 2023?

The $1 Trial Offer – Frase doesn’t offer a free trial to users, however, it does offer you a $1 trial plan. This plan is valid for new users who would like to try out Frase for 5 days. You get access to all the pro features for $1, and these features are given to you, once you enter your credit card details and authorize the site to charge you after 5 days. You can choose to cancel your Frase subscription anytime in these 5 days. 

The Solo Plan – If you are a solo writer and on a budget, then the cheapest plan by Frase may be worth your while. The Solo Plan is chargeable at $14.99 per month, or $12.66 per month if billed once annually. This plan is meant for a maximum of 1 user who needs 4 articles a month of a maximum of 4,000 AI words per month. 

The Basic Plan – If you are a small business or a writer with a medium requirement for content, then the basic plan may interest you. The basic plan is chargeable at $44.99 per month or $38.25 per month if billed once annually. This plan is ideal for writers without teams, who have a need for SEO and need up to 30 articles a month not exceeding 4,000 AI words a month. 

The Team Plan – If you are a larger enterprise that can invest to build a team of writers who generate quality content then the Team Plan may give you the bang for your buck. The Team Plan is ideal for larger teams and is chargeable at $114.99 per month or $97.75 per month if billed once annually.  This plan offers teams of up to 3 users on the plan to write and optimize an unlimited number of articles not exceeding 4,000 AI words per month. Additional team members can be added to the plan for an extra cost of $25 per user per month.

The Pro Add-On Plan can be bought at $35 per month for unlimited writer usage and monthly volume-based usage for keyword search volume and SERP data. 

Do All of The Premium Plans Offer Frase Integrations?

Yes, the premium plans offered by Frase give you access to integrations that can be used in your browser and through extensions. The integrations offered by Frase through extensions for browsers in 2023 include: 

  • Google Docs Add-on – This integration is offered in all the plans and gives you access to unleash the potential of Frase by using it from inside any Google Doc. You also get added features of leaving comments, making edits and revisions, and sharing feedback within Google Docs.  
  • Frase Summarizer – This Chrome Extension ensures that you can get a summary of any webpage you access by clicking the Frase Summarizer button on the browser. In a nutshell, this integration allows you to get a quick summary. If you want to get elaborated information then you have to click the header to show the body text under that header in the source. 
  • Google Search Console Integration –  You can use the Google Search Console integration to activate Content Analytics which works to give you information and data quickly. This integration is available on all plans and gives you data from every web page listed under your Google Search Console account. 
  •  WordPress Integration – This is a useful feature that is available to Frase users only on either an active Basic or Team Plan. This WordPress Integration allows you to use Frase from inside your WordPress site to optimize it quickly.

Are There Any Frase Alternatives That Are Better And Cheaper?

Copy AI – One of the best Frase alternatives is Copy AI, which works on an intuitive machine learning technique. This user-friendly software can help you generate high-quality content of large volumes in under a minute. The COPY AI platform works through prompts and can give you optimized, easy-to-read content 5 times faster than a human writer.  Copy AI allows limited use of the tool for all users who want a free plan to try out the software. You can choose to upgrade to the pro plan at $36 per month once you are confident of the benefits offered. To understand why Copy AI is a highly-rated writing tool, you can read the Comprehensive Copy AI Review.

Jasper AI – Jasper AI was initially known as Jarvis AI before being rebranded. The tool works on AI methods known as GPT-3 technology to quickly create large volumes of content.  Original, unique, customized content that is plagiarism-free and SEO optimized are the highlights of this tool. The pricing of Jasper AI starts at $24 per month up to $49 per month. You can enjoy a free trial of Japser AI for a month of up to 10,000-word credits, by making use of the  Tech Smart AI Jasper Trial Offer.  To know the complete details of the pricing plans, features, benefits, and limitations of Jasper AI, you can read the Jasper AI review.  

Surfer SEO – Seo Surfer is a cloud-based application that you can use easily with a quick tutorial. Surfer SEO works primarily by comparing the target keywords with those used by competitive sites. This information is computed by the AI application to give you recommendations to help you easily and quickly improve your content. This is more of an SEO tool rather than a content creator however, it can also be used as a content editor. The pricing for Surfer SEO starts at $49 per month and goes up to $199 per month for enterprises. If you have a Jasper AI paid plan that is still active, you can get SEO Surfer for $1 through the Jasper AI platform. To know the vast benefits Surfer SEO offers, you can go through the detailed Surfer SEO Review

NeuronWriter- Nueron Writer works on principles such as Natural Language Programming and generates suggestions, and recommendations while filling a knowledge gap in the chosen niche. It can help you as a writer to work efficiently, overcome writer’s block, and also beat your competition’s best score in content. Moreover, it optimizes content through keyword suggestions, heading suggestions, and heading structuring. The improved content generated by Neuronwriter through prompts and suggestions through the templates it offers to you can get your content ranked high on Google too. The lifetime deal for Neuron Writer is available at $68 for 1 user which gives you access to many benefits with a lifetime pass and allows you to further upgrade your plan with Neuron updates in the future. To get a better understanding of the power-packed features of NeuronWriter, you can read the in-depth Neuronwriter review

Frase Review Conclusion: Get Frase As A Tool for Content With SEO Add-On Benefits For Better Content Created Quickly and Accurately 

In this review of the best AI writing tools, we conclude that Frase is one of the best AI writing tools for medium and large enterprises that do not have a limitation on spending for the pro plans. This tool may not be ideal for students, freelancers, and small businesses just starting off due to the pricing factor. However, if you do spend on this AI content tool, then you will notice a higher quality of content right from the first copy. 

Frase can also help you with SEO Content Creation and SEO Content Optimization effortlessly. Frase also gives you topic suggestions, header suggestions, automated copies, and a vast number of add-on features that many other best AI writer and researcher tools do not offer. 

While using the Frase tool, there might be a learning curve that you have to cross. The learning curve can be quickly crossed through the easy-to-follow tutorials available online through the Frase website, as well as the instructional videos on YouTube. 

Tech Smart AI – Bridging The Gap Between Users and AI Tools That Help You Create The Perfect Content

We hope this Frase Review gave you all the needed information you need to make an educated guess while purchasing pro plans for AI Tool to help create the perfect content. If you liked this review then hit like, share and subscribe for more such interesting, engaging, and informative reviews with offers only through Tech Smart AI. 

Frequently Asked Questions for Frase SEO and Content Marketer Tool

1) How Many Languages Does Frase Support?

Frase offers multi-language support for non-native users. While the default language of this platform is English, you can easily change this through the advanced settings and choose your preferred language from the drop-down option. As of now, the supported languages offered by Frase to create and edit content are:

English, Dutch, Portuguese, Italian, Norwegian, French, Spanish, German, Danish, Hindi, Indonesian, Malay, Thai, Japanese, Finnish, Swedish, Romanian, Polish, Russian, and Korean. 

2) How Do Frase Answer Assistants Work?

Frase Answer Assistants are highly intuitive and quick-learning chatbots that can be set up in less than a few minutes to fill a knowledge gap and automate answers.

Assistant Answers are used to create in the following ways. Frase will crawl the web pages to create a knowledge base, the assistant is created with customized greetings and information. You can further train the tool by inputting assistant-related information specific to the tasks.

You can use the Frase Sandbox to test out if the answer assistant you have set up is working properly and you can install the assistant with 1 line of code onto your chosen sites.

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