Jasper AI Review: Is Jasper The Best AI Writing Tool Of 2023?

Chances are that you have heard of Jasper AI as an automatic content creator and editor that can churn out high volumes of content in a snap. 

The buzz online and in workspaces as well is all about AI and if AI will replace humans. Everyone wants to know how these tools can get the job done quickly by generating high volumes of content that also rank well online on search engines. Writers are pondering if they will be replaced or if will AI supplement their work! 

In 2023, AI has made big splashes and there are many good tools you can use to get multiple tasks done. However, due to this wide variety and the need to invest in the best AI software to access all of the pro features, there is also confusion about which AI tool is best for you. 

If you plan to try Jasper, then you may have a few questions about investing in this software and may also want to know if there are other tools like Jasper priced at a lower cost. Continue reading to get answers to all your questions in this extensive Jasper review. 

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What is Jasper Ai?

A Versatile Writing Tool – What Can You Use Jasper For? 

Jasper AI uses a technology based on the principles of Artificial Intelligence, better known as AI learning. This writing tool primarily uses GPT-3 technology to create content of various kinds that can be used online and even for print media. 

You can use Jasper Ai to create social media posts, blogs, emails, newsletters, short content, titles, and product descriptions as well as long-form content such as books. The inbuilt Jasper templates and google doc style editor as well as prompts and command features can help you create niche-specific and accurate content in large quantities in less than a few minutes.  

Who Can Use Jasper AI Software? 

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Content creators are the primary audience to generate AI content through this tool. As a business owner or a website creator, you may have a lot of tasks at hand and might need quality content quickly. You may also not want to invest in hiring an in-house content writer. You can let Jasper write content by allowing it to take the lead using inbuilt Jasper commands and prompts. 

Students who need help with writing assignments such as lengthy essays can also use Jasper to help them create long-form content a lot faster than before. 

To have a good experience with Jasper it is important to learn how to use Jasper, especially the inbuilt Jasper prompts and commands. To do this isn’t tough as you have an array of materials available at your disposal. You can acquire these guides individually and through Jasper AI boot camps.

These learning materials include webinars, seminars, training material, online training material, online courses on Udemy, and other platforms. You can also access free and sponsored YouTube instructional videos. 

A Jasper AI BootCamp through any online training institute can take 7 to 14 days to master, based on how many hours you can spare every day. 

Is There Jasper Ai Free Trial 2023

Yes, though this trial is not a well-known or advertised offer to join Jasper. Tech Smart Ai is lucky to have access to give you a Jasper Free Trial where you can get 10,000 words free. This gives you enough credit to write five quality 2000-word articles for free for your website or 100s of social media posts, it’s up to you how you spend your free Jasper credits. I am sure you will spend them wisely and make some amazing content.

Get free ai writing credit to use Jasper ai writer on their website.
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Why Was Jarvis AI Rebranded to Jasper AI?

As per the information posted by the company on Medium, initially, Jasper AI was named Jarvis AI, which was the name of Tony Stark’s AI assistant. This name was portrayed in the Iron Man movie and was catchy for sure. Yet, due to possible confusion and potential copyright claims the AI writing tool was rebranded to Jasper. 

How Does Jasper AI Work As A Writing Tool?

Jasper AI writes content for you, it can create content such as copies for ads, blogs, newsletters, and emails all from scratch. That’s not all though, Jasper generates on-demand high-quality rewritten content based on your original copy and your requirements. Jasper AI is limitless and to tap into this potential, you need to use the inbuilt commands and prompts to get your work done. 

Keep in mind that while AI tools are amazing and you may want to give Jasper full control of your content writing needs, you still need a human’s keen eyes to fact-check, validate the authenticity of the given content and check for any minor errors such as grammar and punctuation.

The final content check, however, is a quick task that doesn’t necessarily have to be done by a professional in-house writer. This task can be done by you, a freelance content editor, or a Jasper team member who has an interest in AI and would like to take Jasper for a spin. 

What Are The Jasper AI Pros, Benefits, and Features?

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Considered to be one of the best AI writing tools, the content generated by Jasper helps you get ahead of your competition. This is done through a few key pros, benefits, and must-have features. 

Churns out content 5x faster

Jasper offers you high volumes of content that are created 5 times faster compared to a human writer. The content you create is automatically saved, which helps you work faster without worrying about manually saving and losing work due to system crashes, internet issues or any other reasons. 

Gives you 100% original content

Tell Jasper what to write and you will get original content that has not been published online before. 

Generates plagiarism-free content

Jasper can help you get plagiarism-free content that is unique, and ready to be used. 

Creates highly SEO-friendly content 

Let Jasper AI take the lead so that you can get SEO-optimized content with relevant keyword choice, density, placement, and usage. 

Easy-to-learn and use tools and templates 

Jasper also gives you a lot of easy-to-use features and inbuilt templates to make your life simpler, while you create aesthetically pleasing and legible content. 

Supports English And Over 25 Non-Native Languages

Creating content with Jasper doesn’t require you to be a pro at the English language. This is the best AI copywriting tool of 2023 as it is perfect for non-native English speakers or for those in your AI team who have a limited grasp of the English language. (Link to FAQ below)

Power Packed Jasper Recipes In The Boss Mode

The pro plan known as the boss mode gives you access to important workflows that are also known as recipes. Using these workflows is very simple as they are pre-built with commands and prompts for certain niche-specific tasks such as blog creation, copy-making, and email generation. 

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What Are The Limitations of Jasper AI?

  • Easy To Use With Some Learning Downtime

While the experience with Jasper AI is mostly pleasant, you cannot create fabulous content instantly as soon as you create an account. There is a learning curve that you will face when you use AI content writing tools such as Jasper to write content. 

  • Fact-Checking

The content that you generate has to be fact-checked by a human for various points such as names, dates, places, and certain events. 

  • Nudging AI In the Right Direction

Sometimes the output that you get from the Jasper AI App doesn’t make perfect sense, and it may have to be rewritten through prompts, commands, and with the human touch. Yet, you can easily regenerate the content and learn how to tweak the prompts, commands, and input to create better content with time. 

  • Pricing

One of the most daunting limitations of the experience of using Jasper is the cost attached to this tool. While this tool offers content creators a limit of 20,000 words per month at $24 onwards, the pricing may be tough to manage for students and freelancers that are just starting out. 

Jasper AI Offers Jasper AI Pricing Plans For Content Creators

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Jasper AI gives you a 5-day free trial with a free plan that can be upgraded to the pro version of Jasper called the Jasper Boss mode. If you choose not to upgrade then you can continue using Jasper after 5 days at $24 per month, billed once annually which works out to $299 a year. This basic plan gives you 20,000-word credits. 

To use the free plan for 5 days, you have to enter your card details, and the subscription can be canceled as per your choice. This plan can also be billed monthly after the initial 5 days trial. The cost for the monthly plan is $29. 

Once the 5-day free trial runs out or if you choose to upgrade to the Jasper AI Boss Mode, then you will be charged $49 per month, billed once annually which works out to $599 per year.  The boss plan can also be billed monthly, at the price of $59 which gives you 50,000-word credits. 

You can also choose to buy The Custom Plan which is billed as per your usage and is ideal for large businesses that need premium Jasper AI Support for frequently creating high volumes of content. The word credits you get in the custom plan are tailored especially for you, and this reflects in the customized plan quote that the sales team gives you. 

What Are The Benefits of Jasper Boss Mode And Is Jasper AI Support Included?

The Jasper Boss Mode plan is one of the 4 plans offered to users, the boss mode plan is a truly pro plan with multiple benefits for content editors and small businesses. Listed below are the perks of all 4 AI Content plans including the boss mode in Jasper AI.

Free Plan 

While termed a free plan to attract people who want to try Jasper for free, the plan is actually chargeable. The free plan gives you only a 5-day free trial and is billed after this at a reduced amount of $29. The free plan of this copywriting tool allows you to use over 50 AI templates and add up to 5 users to your team. You get Chat Support from Jasper AI for templates and content creation in over 25 languages. This plan does not give you access to compose and command features. This plan does not give you access to the inbuilt Google Style Docs Editor. The word limit to the free plan when billed annually is 20,000 words. 

Jasper Boss Mode

The Jasper Boss Mode Plan gives you the ultimate freedom to write content in long form with unrestricted access to the command and prompt features of this AI Copywriting tool. You also get unhindered access to the Google Docs Style Editor, additional templates to work on, increased content look-back, and the option to add more Jasper AI Team Members. You also get the chat support option for creating content in multiple languages. The metered word limit to the boss mode plan when billed annually is 50,000 words.

Custom Plan

The Custom Plan is based primarily on your usage, is ideal for large firms that manage multiple websites, and clients, and needs over 10,000 words a week. This AI writing assistant plan allows you to manage the word limit for each user in your Jasper team, and use flexible billion options while having a dedicated account manager assigned just for you. Onboarding and training sessions with premium support are other perks of the custom plan. To get the custom plan you need to contact the sales team and request a demo. 

Advanced Team Plan

The Advanced Team Plan gives you additional features and benefits for the Jasper AI assistant tool. You can get unlimited usage for words per month, add unlimited teammates through seats, make access to the best chat features, get unrestricted API access, and make use of  SSO integration. You can also enjoy additional data privacy, with an added feature of account analytics, and a personalized manager for enhanced collaboration within the team. That’s not all as you get added security for your account and team with the best Jasper AI support options. 

How Many Blog Posts Can You Create With 20,000 Word Credits?

The sky is the limit and content is the king, however, these pointers can help you create high-quality content on Jasper without going through your word credits too quickly. 

Blog Posts

The ideal word count for a single blog post ranges from 1,500 words to a maximum of 2,000 words. However, some content pieces require a higher word count. Interestingly, longer blog posts tend to rank higher on SERPs, while shorter blog posts tend to be preferred by most readers. 


While creating emails, the shorter, the better is the general rule to follow with a maximum length of 150 to 250 words for emails. 

Cover Letters

A cover letter should ideally be between 250 to 400 words. The cover letter should be framed in 3 to 6 paragraphs, with bullet points to emphasize important points. Crisp, concise, and clear are the 3 Cs to remember while creating the perfect cover letter. 

What Are The Jasper AI Alternatives For 2023? 

Jasper is a game-changing AI writer, however, there are other tools that work with similar technologies and help create content. Some of these Jasper Ai competitors include:

1) Neuron Writer – Neuron Writer works on Natural Language Programming and Deep Learning technologies to create better, more accurate, and SEO-friendly content. The suggestions, prompts,  recommendations, and templates are easy to use. Additionally, the lifetime deal of $68 for lifetime access for 1 user further sweetens the pot. You can read the complete Neuron Writer review for more information. 

2) Copy.AI – Copy.Ai is very similar to Jasper, but has a free plan that can be used to test out the platform until you wish to upgrade. The pro plan of Copy AI gives you many power-packed features such as 90+ templates, the 0 to 60 seconds content creation tool called Blog Wizard, and unlimited words per month. When billed annually the pro plan of Copy AI works out to $449 a year which is a lot cheaper than Jasper. You can read the detailed Copy AI review for all the features of this AI tool. 

3) Chat GP – Chat GP and Jasper both work on the GPT-3 AI technology, however, Chat GP has lesser features and a bot-like content writing structure. This being said, Chat GP works well for getting content ideas, and understanding how prompts, commands, and similar features work. Also, Chat GP is free to use and has Chrome browser extensions such as AIPRM which is great for SEO writing, human-like writing, and YouTube Script Creation. 

Is There An Active Jasper AI Affiliate Program With Surfer SEO?

The Jasper Affiliate program allows you to get access for a month to Surfer SEO for just $1 for the first month. For you to be eligible for this offer, you have to have an existing premium plan with Jasper Ai.

While the use of Jasper AI doesn’t necessarily need Surfer SEO for creating content copies, there is a benefit to this offer. When both tools are used together they can definitely give you properly optimized SEO copies of content pages that rank well on search engines. You can read the comprehensive Sufer SEO Review to know more about this groundbreaking SEO optimization platform. 

Conclusion Of Our Honest Review of Jasper AI Review For 2023:

Jasper Is One of The Best AI Tools To Write Blog Posts Using AI Templates While Making A Team In The Jasper Boss Mode

This Jasper AI review 2023 has elaborated on the benefits, such as 50+ templates in the boss mode, extended support of more than 25 languages other than English, the option to add multiple teammates, and, premium chat support, however, due to the pricing versus word count offered, Jasper may not be ideal for everyone such as students and freelancers just starting out in the world of content.

Jasper is the best tool for creating content for medium to large businesses that can afford all of the power-packed features this content creation platform offers. 

Frequently Asked Questions To Help You Understand Makes Jasper Work For You

What Are The Top 3 Templates That Let The AI Create Content Quickly For You?

The Long Form Content Assistant template, the Content Improver Template, and The Blog Post Topic Ideas Template can create content quickly. These templates when used accurately can also help you brainstorm, get suggestions for current and future blog posts while churning out quality content and quickly. 

How Can I Give Jasper A Try?

To use the content generated by Jasper AI, you first have to create an account using your email id or social media accounts such as Google. You then have to give the AI platform information about your goals and requirements. Finally, you need to purchase a plan and you will be able to enjoy the many benefits of Jasper AI to create content. 

How Can I Use Jasper AI With Surfer SEO?

To make the most of the benefits of using Jasper AI in combination with Surfer SEO, you can register for the Surfer SEO Affiliation Offer. You can choose to cancel your subscription within 1 month if you don’t want to be billed any further. 

Which Writing Tools Like Jasper Are Completely Free To Use?

Both Copy.AI and Chat GP tools are free to use, but Chat GP has limitations while creating human-like content. Copy AI in the free mode has limitations, in terms of the number of features and tools that you can use. 

What Is Jasper Art? 

Jasper Art is an AI Image Creator that takes less than a minute to create unique images. This tool is offered at an additional price and is fueled by both AI and your imagination. The Jasper Art AI tool has a money-back guarantee for users who are unhappy with the purchase. 

Are There Any Benefits of Using Jasper for Over A Year? 

The main benefit is that you can create large volumes of high-quality content in a year or more. Another benefit is that you can save a significant amount of money to create content instead of hiring a professional in-house writer. However, make sure not to over-rely on this tool for all your content needs, and use it while turning a blind eye to fact-checking, as this may cause a dip in the quality of content. 

I Heard That Jasper AI Can Write Content While Translating It As Well. Is This True?

Yes, Jasper AI Can Take sentences from 25 languages and translate them into a language of your choice. As of now Jasper also offers translation generation in 25 languages. The complete list of translated languages is as follows:

English (US), English (British) Bulgarian, Chinese, Czech, Greek, Dutch, German, Ukrainian, Japanese, Danish, French, Estonian, Korean, Latvian, Indonesian, Finnish, Polish, Spanish, Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazilian), Turkish, Romanian, Swedish, Slovak, Norwegian, Slovenian, Lithuanian, Italian, Japanese and Hungarian. 

How Much Does Jasper Ai Cost

Jasper ai cost between $24 to $332 all the way to an enterprise solution depending on the amount of credit that you need.

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